Ceramic Tui wall art

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Flying Tui - ceramic wall art by Steiner Ceramics
Dimensions approx 240mm H x 330mm W x 90mm D
Weight approx 800g

Flying Tui. Tūī (Prosthemadera novaeseelandiae) are common throughout New Zealand in forests, towns and on off-shore islands. They are adaptable and are found in native forests, bush reserves and bush remnants and also in suburban areas, particularly in winter if there is a flowering gum about.  Tui are attractive birds with a distinctive white tuff at their throat and metallic blue-green sheen contrasting dramatically with their underlying black colour.  Tuis can be heard singing their beautiful melodies similar to the Bellbird.

Note: As each piece is handmade, colours may vary slightly from image. Birds will hang at an angle (tail down) if hung on single nail.