Dare you say it? card game

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You know those old conversation starter cards you used to get for awkward dinner parties? Well, it's like that but way cooler!  

Do you have a fatalistic desire to watch your friends squirm with awkwardness? 

This is the game of comments which will make your dinner guests laugh and cry at the same time (probably laughing at each other while crying over their own train crash of a comment). 

Pick a card, memorize the sentence on the card and then it's up to you when you'll fit it in to the conversation. It may be risqué, it may make you sound like a weirdo but whatever you do, make it sound believable! Extra points awarded for looks of horror on your fellow guest's faces.

Each box contains 50 cards 
Rated R18 (for it's slightly risqué content)

*Karen Design Ltd (and Aurora Arts and Gifts) accepts no responsibility for any arguments which are a result of playing this game.