Dark side of the wave - Stewart Island Kayak Odyssey book by Paul Caffyn

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A power of salty water has swirled around Paul’s paddle since August 1979, miles and kilometres of formidable coastline but the paddle around Stewart Island with Max Reynolds ranks up there as one of the toughest. Even though it was the shortest expedition of them all. This is the recently published second edition of this highly sort after book by Paul Caffyn. 

"When the evening's suns rays slant across a heavy rolling sea, there are deep shadows cast in the troughs between wave crests. The ocean kayaker drops into the gloom of the wave shadows, fleetingly glimpsing the rays of golden sun from the wave crests. 
Paul Caffyn, in his quest for adventure, has to journey into the wave shadows and pit mind and body against the forces of nature. On the dark side of the wave, he has to draw on his inner strengths to reach shore before nightfall. And with sound decision making, he will emerge from the shadows to face the dawn of another day. 
In the winter of 1979, Paul teamed up with Max Reynolds - veteran of their successful Fiordland Expedition - to tackle the formidable coastline of Stewart Island, Rakiura. As a warm up to the trip, Paul and Max set out to cross the treacherous waters of the Foveaux Strait.
Dark Side of the Wave is Paul's second book of a New Zealand Kayak Odyssey trilogy. The first being the very successful story of his South Island paddle, Obscured by waves, with Cresting the Restless Waves the story of his North Island paddle. 
This book is a blend of exciting dramatic moment, folklore of the crayfishermen at work and play, the antics of the support crew, encounters with elephant seals and horrific tide races, not to mention some absolutely terrible puns. (I told you not to mention them!)
This 2nd edition includes stories and photos from paddlers who in more recent years have paddled around Stewart Island, or been stymied in their attempt.
Since his paddle around NZ, Paul has gone on to be the first to paddle around Great Britain, Australia, Japan, Alaska and New Caledonia. He has spent four northern summers paddling the west and east coasts of Greenland, and his last big trip was down the Antarctic Peninsula."

Size: 153 x 234 mm, 126 page softcover; 11 maps
ISBN: 978-0-9583584-6-0
Published: February 2022
Publisher: Kayak Dundee Press

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