Felting kit - Bowl by Caroline Burton

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Enjoy or give a boutique creative experience! The kit contains everything that you need to create your own beautiful hand felted bowl with “marbled” finish in your choice of 4 different colour combinations of hand dyed silk fibres.

These kits are a fabulous group activity, too - grab one each for your hen party, birthday party or just because party and enjoy getting creative together. If getting creative is good for your soul, getting creative with your friends is even better!!

Using soft, white New Zealand Merino wool fibre and hand dyed silk fibres, follow the steps to build your bowl, one wisp at a time - let the magic begin as you work the fibres to form them into into a structured three-dimensional form. This tactile process is guaranteed to completely absorb you!

Whether you have tried felting before or not, the detailed step-by-step instructions, with colour photos will ensure that you are able to create your own unique bowl.

Once dry, you can choose how you want to use your bowl. Finished bowl should measure approximately 13 x 8 cm (allowing for artistic variations!). Fill it with trinkets or found objects, pop a small potted plant inside or simply enjoy your beautiful bowl as it is!

Project is suitable for adults and teens - (not recommended for children unless assisted)

Kit Contents:
- 33g of combed New Zealand Merino wool fibre
- Silk hankie - hand dyed
- Soap Flakes*
- Bubble Wrap (all bubble wrap used in my kits is clean, repurposed material, out of consideration for our planet)
- Printed Instruction booklet

- Felting Resist

*If you suffer from an allergy to soap, it is recommended that you wear latex gloves or similar during the felting process