Getting Lost Board Game + Std Edition

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Use your misdirection cards from the Getting Lost Game to adventure through your custom designed and illustrated map of NZ (featuring Aurora Arts and Gifts!!!). Will you fast track your way down the country? Get almost there only to be sent back to where you started? Will you get stuck in a bit of a loop somewhere?   It’s a bit like snakes and ladders with a distinctly Kiwi twist!

The Getting Lost Game was originally created as a game to play out and about in the real world to get you adventuring and exploring in new ways.  Now you have the option to play the game on the board or out in the real world!   You can even use it to plan your next holiday destination!

With the Getting Lost Board Game you get the best of both worlds.  You get the Getting Lost Standard Edition – with 26 misdirection cards you can use to get adventuring in the real world.   Plus you get a custom designed map of NZ designed to work in with your Standard Edition cards so you can follow the misdirections around the board too.  This all inclusive package has everything you need to play on the board or in the real world.

It’s a fun way to learn where places are in NZ and have a bit of a laugh along the way.  You can even use it to decide on your next holiday location! 

The Getting Lost Game is made in NZ by Kiwi couple Cat & James and their 3 kids Bella, Sophia and Krystal. These amazing maps are illustrated by Kiwi artist Emma Scott.

Please note: the green suitcase (for holding cards) shown in the image does not come with this set.