Getting Lost Out of town Edition

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Designed as an add on to the Getting Lost Game – these additional 15 misdirection cards are specifically designed for adventures out of the main cities. This is the most “Kiwi” of all the packs so if you are playing outside of NZ you will need to adapt a few cards for your local area.

This pack contains 15 misdirection cards specifically written for when you’re getting lost out of town.  Designed for a few laughs as well as inspiration you’ll find cards like “Cow – go left, Sheep – go right”. There is also an added twist on your favourite cards – Stop for a treat is now Stop for a treat at the next dairy with a Tip Top sign and Head for Home is now Head for home after you see a tractor.

The Out of Town Edition is designed as an add on to an existing Getting Lost Game but could be used as a very short version of the game as a stand alone or added to a the Adventurers or Te Reo Editions (both available in separate listings) for a full game.