Grubbs by Jed Seward

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Quirky, unique and fun loving Grubbs. General consensus on the origin of this species is they arrived on Earth via a hot-wired Voyager probe from the 1970’s that crash landed in an undisclosed forested area in Auckland circa 2016. They are believed to be a sort of miniature alien deer and naturally occurring criminal but redeem themselves through their nocturnal chittering and handsome appearance. Data is scant as to the general nature of their activities and the extent they can be prosecuted under the New Zealand criminal justice system. They have been observed enjoying and cultivating Woowoo berries, a possible narcotic with an acrid taste of bitter apples and seagull feather tea. Grubbs are found in a secret forest near Auckland by Jed Seward, who bribes them with woowoo berries or, when that doesn't work, hunts them with a butterfly net. 


Grubbs stand approximately 14-15cm tall (including a small wooden plinth, on which they stand) are made of resin and polymer clay and usually painted with acrylic.


Jed has been studying Grubbs and provided us with the following information (additional notes added by Gary).

1) Gary - belongs to Aurora Arts and Gifts, and is employed as our social media spokes Grubb. You can follow his exploits on our social medial pages.
2) Andrew, a forest Grubb. You probably have several in your garden. If not you should introduce them as they are generally beneficial and their Woo Berry stills rarely explode.
3) Toby. A coastal Grubb showing the signs of excess Woowoo berry consumption.
4) Trevor. A jack of all trades type Grubb, fairly non-descript but being red they are easy to catch.
5) Mike. Grubbs are natures interior decorators, happy to leave projects to the last minute and wet paint footprints throughout the house.
6) Chris. A turquoise Grubb. At home most in rock pools or ask Tanya
7) Bronze age Grubb
8) Simon, a slime Grubb. We may think slime is Yuck but the Grubbs think its awesome and have it on toast for breakfast.
9) Carl, a high-altitude Grubb. A naturally occurring pink colour to facilitate the eventual search and rescue efforts.
10) Xerces, a devotional Grubb that leaves gold paint smudges everywhere he goes
11) Victor, a Woowoo berry thief and scourge of the forest. Avoid.
12) Jo, not important as he has already been adopted.
13) Ricky, specialty unknown, but the slowest runner that day.
14) Cliff, with favorite pink bunny. Some Grubbs make the trip to Stewart Island just for the fluffy bunnies.
15) Paul, A Woowoo berry hunter, wearing the body paint made of Woowoo berry plants he has personally slain in battle. Actually just a very messy gardener.