Saddleback/Tieke feather earrings from Remix Plastics

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These duel feather earrings are made from gold and black ice cream container lids and drape over one another like the tail feathers of the Saddleback.

Dimensions: large feather 4cm x 1cm at widest point.
Hooks: Hypoallergenic (silver in colour)
Made in Christchurch by Remix Plastic. Remix Plastic is a sustainability education project that engages people in a conversation around reducing single use plastic consumption. 
The Tīeke is one of the most recognisable bird species in New Zealand due to its bold plumage markings, loud vocalisations and distinctive orange-red wattles. Saddlebacks are in the endemic New Zealand ‘wattlebird’ family (Callaeidae), along with kokako and the extinct huia.