Safety razor - stainless steel

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The Caliwoods classic stainless razor makes for eco, easy and luxurious low waste shaving. The safety razor is completely plastic-free and is great for everyone. 

In this pack is:
1x Stainless safety razor
5x Stainless steel blades
1x Blade return envelope

These razors have a simple screw mechanism and two top holding plates - super durable with less parts that can break compared to a butterfly razor.

BONUS - Caliwoods will take the blades back (must be clean and dry), where they will repurpose or recycle them! Once you have 40 or more blades, simply post them back in the blade return envelope (following the instructions on pack). They even accept from other brands.

Instructions For Use:
1. Unscrew the head of the razor from the handle.
2. Place blades between he two top plates, holding by the blunt edges.
3. Screw the handle back on and shave away!
4. Replace the blade when it goes blunt. On average this is every fifth shave, less for thick hair, more for fine hair.
5. Rinse the Razor after thoroughly after each use. Clean away soap and hair then let dry out of the shower.

Storage your Razor safely out of the shower between uses and take care not to drop your Razor