Tall tumblers

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The CaliWoods Hot and Cold Short Cups are perfect for that large coffee in the morning or use to keep your lunchtime Smoothie crispy cool. 
Ditch The Disposables, and say hello to insulated conservation cups!
Elegantly curved to fit your hand as well as standard car cup holders. Drive to work with your coffee or smoothie right by your side. They can also work as a sealed container for leftovers at restaurants, keeping cut fruit fresh, kiddies snacks, or anything. Keep in your bag or glovebox for any situation.

About this cup:
590ml -  17.5cm height, 8cm lid, 6.5cm base. Double walled stainless steel for performance and durability. Comes with 2 different lids (see pictures) which are BPA-Free plastic made from 100% recycled content with silicone spill-proof seal. One has space for a straw (so you can sip directly or use your CaliWoods Reusable Straw!), the other a slide opening to prevent spills on the move.