The migrants by Tanya Marriott

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Artist: Tanya Marriott
Title: The Migrants
Medium: 3D printed Resin, Acrylic Paint, felt, mix media construction
Size: 250mm high

Artists blurb:
"The inspiration for this father and daughter doll set, created in 2018 was in response to a large number of exhausted Kororā (Little Blue Penguin) that were washing up on New Zealand shores. Although there are some naturally occurring wash-ups of birds at seasonal changes, these wash-ups included much larger numbers of birds than usual.
The devastating effects of climate change had both affected the fish stocks that sustain them and also the water and wind currents that affect their habitat, causing more turbulent weather than usual.

I found myself looking at the parallel human effect, where due to conflict and climate changes, humans and animals alike find themselves migrating to foreign shores in the hopes of a new life, food, freedom and shelter. Whether this was the Irish Potato famine, the recent unrest in Syria, or the plight of our native species in the face of unprecedented changes in their habitats, this can make involuntary migrants of us all."