Whisper (Ruru/Morepork) by Hannah Shand

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Artist: Hannah Shand
Title: Whisper
Medium: Limited edition print 
Size: A4 - 297 x 210mm

Artist description of the work: "‘Whisper’ was a ruru that truly touched the hearts of many all around the globe. This artwork is a special tribute to what an incredible bird she was – an advocate for her species, a foster mother to other ruru chicks, and a dear friend to the Wingspan team. She was bought to Wingspan 13 years ago as an egg and was artificially incubated and hand reared. She has provided not just advocacy but a wealth of knowledge into studying the habits and behaviours of a ruru. Sadly, Whisper passed away on the 9th of September 2020; she will be missed by many. This artwork was drawn from a photograph Hannah took when she met Whisper at Wingspan in 2019."

This is a limited edition fine art giclée print created using the highest quality archival paper, inks and processes. Photos have been supplied by the artist, the prints come signed and numbered.

Caring for your print – For maximum longevity of your print, the artist recommends framing it with UV-resistant glass and also not hanging it in direct sunlight.