Commission drawing information

When not busy doing non-art related things, I love to create art! One of the services I offer is portraits of people and pets. These are usually done in graphite pencil, although I have been known to occasionally branch out into colour pencils. Below are some examples, as well as information about the process and a guideline for pricing. Thank you for looking. 




Information about commissions:
Depending on my current work load and the complexity of the drawing, it can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks to complete, so I can only take on a limited number of commission pieces a year. I do not advertise when I have spaces available, so if you are interested, please do make contact to enquire about my availability.

Prices depend on the paper size, the number of subjects and the amount of detail I can work with (as this all affects the time it takes me), if you request colour or if you require separate images to be combined.
The prices below are a guideline only and are the starting rates for an unframed, graphite drawing, in that size with a single subject. You will be quoted a fixed price upon the acceptance of your request for a commission. Postage is not included in these prices; all prices on this site are in NZD. 
A5 - $150
A4 - $250
A3 - $450

I work from digital photographs. These need to be high quality to allow me to add detail to your drawing. I can use lower quality images; however, you may be disappointed with the results. I will let you know if your images are unsuitable. 

A $50 non-refundable deposit is required before I will start drawing your piece. The balance is due upon completion and is required before I will send your piece. You may laybuy your drawing, I am happy to work with you on a payment schedule, however, your drawing will only be sent after your last payment has been received. 

You will be sent progress images of your piece, starting with a draft outline, which you will need to okay before I start in on the shading, as it's easier to make changes at this point (for example you may want more or less white space around your image, or a change of composition when combining several images together). You may also request changes at any point that I send an update if you are unhappy. I will send a final image once I have finished the drawing for you to okay, which is the last opportunity for changes to be made. Once you have okayed the final image, it will be sprayed with a fixative to help prevent yellowing and smudging (although it is recommended that you frame it professionally with UV resistant glass, and do not rub the surface of the artwork to prevent oils on your hands from marking it). Once the fixative has been added, I will not be able to make changes. 

Drawings will be packaged in a protective plastic sleeve with a backing board. Further packaging for posting will be added to prevent bending. Postage is via NZ Post (sorry - we don't have any other options on Stewart Island), and your drawing will be sent once your final payment has been confirmed. Payment can either be via internet banking (NZ accounts only), or via the Aurora Arts and Gifts website using the payment methods offered. I generally only send within NZ due to the risk of damage/loss and the cost, however, if you are overseas and are prepared to take the risk and pay the total cost, I am happy to send to you.

If you are happy with this, please feel free to email me at with the following information:
High quality image(s) of what you are after and when you require the drawing by.
I tend to only do graphite portraits, however, in some instances I am happy to do colour, let me know if you are expecting it to be coloured (this will affect the price).
If you have more than 1 image to combine together, please include a description as to how you envisage these to be combined. 
If there is a story behind the image, or why you want the drawing done, please feel free to add this in, this often helps me connect with the image (which makes it much easier to draw). 

Alternatively, feel free to use the contact page to make your initial contact (you will not be able to add images this way)

I will not take on anything I do not feel I have the time to complete, or think is beyond my capabilities.  


Some examples of my work: